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wSunday, January 27, 2002

so far so good... i'm not a nicotine fiend, yet. i am however a happy girl who figured out her problem this morning! now what? ~ Just Bring It

i just caught the last 1/2hr of The Birdcage . i so love that movie.
i own it, yet...i watch it everytime it's on tv. hmm - strange how that happens. i posted to all my sites, and am going to go watch Whose Line Is It Anyway? after i take my pirin tablet. ;)

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i will quit smoking. i have. i am. no excuses. if i ever i am in my right mind it is at this hour of the morning. there are, no distractions, no one or anything happening. it's quiet. in the still of the night it might be callled if it wasn't already morning. i wouldn't trade my problems with anyone. i don't even want to be like somebody else anymore. these may be things only i am able to notice about myself. i hope not. the times that i feel better are outlasting the times i don't. how do so many people just accept how they are - when they never have really looked at themselves?

it appears that we often see someone for what they are not, rather than what they are. i used to catch myself saying " i wish so-and-so was more _____ not this/that." a lot. especially for myself. we're not taught how to like someone. or to tell if they're "good" for us. so how do we obtain the ability to do so? not everyone does it the same either. it is usually based on what they can do for and feel for us. how does should it really work? is one way better or more reliable? what i mean is, how can one person see that another is bad for them? too many people get into bad situations and the rest of us "saw it coming". are we better judges of character when it comes to (protecting) people we care about? what makes a relationship last?

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I need love, love
To ease my mind
I need to find, find someone to call mine
But mama said

You can't hurry love
No, you just have to wait
She said love don't come easy
It's a game of give and take

Diana Ross & The Supremes
- You Can't Hurry Love

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i can hardly believe it's Sunday already. for once the hours didn't drag on, i've kept busy and only get bored because no one is around. the weather was decent yesterday so i had the window open. the cats really appreciated it. they're something to watch, i wonder what goes on with them. do they get bored like me when stuck in the house? going to shut up about my pets before everyone thinks i've turned into the lady with 100 cats. ;)

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