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Ours Is A Strange & Wonderful Relationship. You're Strange & I'm Wonderful.




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wJune 10, 2002

i love you until it hurts

posted by |adywo|f :: at 10:58 PM -


no more. i do what feels right for me. i am the only one that cares about myself. yeah, they say they do but cannot prove it. saying saying talking talking talking - i even hate the sound of your voice. it's worthless shit, the words you come up with. i am beginning to think no one can stand by their word. not always, not ever...just when it's convenient. you know what? don't do me, yourself, or anyone any favors by saying you will do something. fucking follow through with it. make an effort to listen to what the fuck you just told someone. no matter how insignificant - never forget. do not let me down again. infact why don't you take your empty promise-giving ass out of my life. oh, and when you need someone to talk had better not even think about coming to me. i'm done with this. fuck me. fuck you. I don't care about you anymore, and that is your fault.

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wFebruary 16, 2002

Well, I just got the opportunity to talk to you for about a minuite, not much was said however. Fuck.. Well, everyone is home so I doubt im gonna have to run anywhere. I hope that your having fun and that I see you back on sometime tonight. Wish more than ever I was there with you. bleah.. trying not to slip into a depressive funk. *smoooch*

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taking this quiet opportunity to get a post in & let you know Mar's surgery went fine. in fact, she's happily asleep - sedated to the max. you must be out or at least doing something that you're really into(hopefully enjoying). i won't be waiting up, because with you i never know when/if you'll show up. i really don't have the energy tonight anyhow. that's about it happening with me...
you know i miss you and some night soon i wish to have your voice be the last one in my mind before i fall asleep. i love to you soon? *smooch*

posted by |adywo|f :: at 1:05 AM -

wFebruary 14, 2002

Greetings from Albuquerque! I made it in at about 2:25 this afternoon, safe & sound. Shawn could you please add us to your icq so that we may contact you? UIN#113755789 miss you, love you and will look for you later maybe, or at least check for a message from you. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart. *smooch*

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wFebruary 13, 2002

what a bad girl i was - i did not go to sleep until 7 o'clock this morning. i woke up at noon so i could finish 3 loads of laundry (folding, putting away included) sheets & comforter as well. dishes are done. even cleaned out the refridgerator. then i sat at the computer determined to do this. i'll mess more with it, especially when i get more pictures. ahhhhh finally got in the shower at 4:30 and if i sit here any longer i will sleep...and that, is my day in a nasty, rotten nutshell. ;)

*incase ICQ doesn't give you my message. i'm going to the McInally's for dinner at about 6pm. i don't know when you will be on tonight, but i do plan on spending my last night in town with you. :) Love You

posted by |adywo|f :: at 5:23 PM -

wFebruary 12, 2002

change of plans
since you are not going, i've moved my departure date up & now am leaving the 14th.
yes i realize it's Valentine's Day, but with the way things have been lately i don't feel it matters.
we're both getting exactly what you've wanted and have talked about - doing things on our own.
i didn't mean for that to sound like i'm hurt by all that is happening (or not happening for that matter).
all i'm doing is giving you the time you are already taking. we're playing grown ups,'re winning.

posted by |adywo|f :: at 7:59 PM -

wFebruary 11, 2002

my flights are booked:
i'm leaving on Tuesday, February 26th. - returning on Wednesday, March 13th.
still waiting to hear from you today, and see what you found out. :)

it's difficult not to be anxious...especially when my own mother is thrilled & excited, telling me "he HAS to get here".

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wFebruary 10, 2002

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ha, did you have any doubt? ;)

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